Sholacreations was established in 2019 and was inspired by my love of creating. That's it, just simply creating. I loved creating as a child- I could create something from nothing.

I remember returning natural better known as the "big chop" in high school (2013), can you imagine? kids are so mean in high school at this stage. I built up the courage and confidence to walk through the halls of students that referred to me as an "African booty scratcher". Unlike every other ethnicity, my hair grew out very slow and even after that, shrinkage was always there to take my spotlight.

I began to look for ways to enhance my look, to make this "natural" lifestyle more fun and versatile, to feel good about myself and my decisions. I remember typing out my first "How to" on YouTube and as expected, there weren't as much representation for my Type 4 hair. A few years later, I decided to create my own YouTube channel, where I could express the versatility of our hair in hopes to inspire women that looked like me.

After experimenting with every texture of hair extensions the continent of Asia has to offer, I came to the conclusion that;

  • I and many other women that look just like me are at their happiest and most confident when we wear hair extensions that mimics our very own natural hair.
  • I and every other woman want to look gorgeous in the process of whatever transition they were in - whether it had to do with their hair, their career, or even their relationship.
  • We agreed to believe that natural hair extensions could make a woman still look and feel like herself, just more beautiful. 
  • That the actual journey to a new look was something beautiful, too.
  • Its about how you feel, not just how you look.
It’s no secret that hair changes not just how we look, but also how we feel. I'm honored to be able to play a part in enhancing the natural beauty of women around the world at different life stages at a reasonable price with a beautiful presentation.